So I’ve decided to move this site from being hosted by Squarespace over to Github Pages. For a long while I’ve disliked the options that I had in styling the site with Squarespace, finding it far too confining. I held out because they were going to be releasing developer access to the platform. I figured I could have the best of both worlds - something hosted that I didn’t have to fight with, and something extensible that I could build from.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t exactly how that went. I don’t know how the servers are arranged at Squarespace, but it seems that they have multiple instances of their service that are completely walled off from one another. They have their platform 5 customers, platform 6 customers, and now they’ve added the new developer platform.

As of now, there is no way to move data from one of these instances to another. Although, oddly enough, if one were to want to move to Wordpress, they do offer an export for that.


Anyway, a great deal of my time is spent using text editors and Git anyway, so it seemed a Jekyll generated static site is the natural choice. The real upshot to this, is that I’m already familiar and using all the tools necessary to make this a pretty simple workflow.

Oh, and never fear, my next task will be stripping Bootstrap styles from this site.

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13 December 2012